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Stepparent adoption in Georgia impacts children and parents alike

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Adoption |

Each and every family is unique down to the very core. Some families have all biological children, some have no children, and some have children with paws. No matter how individuals get to be a family, the love and bond that is shared is something special. In Georgia, stepparent adoption is one way to create a one-of-a-kind family.

Many times when adoption is being discussed, it involves infants or small children. These little ones, often from another country with no place to call home, are brought into a two-parent household, where they grow into beautiful teenagers, young adults and contributing citizens. However, this scenario is by no means the only or best purpose of adoption. Another type of adoption — one by a stepparent — can also leave a lasting impact on the life of a child or adolescent. 

One 22-year-old woman decided that she would present her stepdad with her adoption papers for his birthday. Having been the father figure for most of her life, this little action may seem insignificant to many. However, through this gift, she showed that she could trust her stepfather to take care of her and her mother and be the dad for whom she has always longed. 

Stepparent adoption can take place when the child is young, with the adult taking the necessary steps through the process. Or it may happen when the child has become an adult and realizes that this parental figure has been there through thick and thin. For those stepparents interested in adopting their spouse’s child, family law professionals in Georgia can provide guidance through the process.

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