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Georgia parents can choose child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Child Custody |

Custody arrangements following divorce can take a variety of forms, depending largely on the two parents and their relationships with the child. While there are many options available to parents going through the divorce process, it is important for them to take the child’s best interests into consideration. Joint child custody, both legal and physical or solely joint legal custody, may be an option that parents in Georgia consider.

When two parties decide that they are going to share legal and physical custody of their children, they are largely doing most of the parenting together. They make decisions concerning the children’s welfare and how they will be raised cooperatively. Additionally, the children spend equal, or nearly equal, time living with each parent. This may result in three days with one parent and four with the other, switching for holidays, or spending a week with one and then a week with the other.

Working together in a joint legal and physical custody arrangement can be rather challenging for many couples who have gone through a divorce because it requires a great deal of communication and cooperation. Another option is to only share joint legal custody. This would entail that both parents continue to make decisions regarding the children’s long-term care and welfare together. However, children may stay with one parent who has primary custody for the majority of the time and spend much less time with the other parent.

Georgia parents who are working through divorce and child custody arrangements may want to seek guidance from family law professionals. These family lawyers have experience handling these processes and can assist with taking the next step and determining what type of child custody would be best depending on one’s situation. With their assistance, this process can go smoothly and with minimal stress.

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