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Foster care adoption is a possibility for Georgia families

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2016 | Adoption |

Foster care provides a temporary home, or series of homes, for those children that may not have a place to call their own. On the other hand, adoption gives children a forever family in which they can grow into who they are meant to be. Domestic, international, public and private are all types of adoption that are available to Georgia families seeking to grow through this process. Families can choose to adopt from the foster system, as well. 

A brother and a sister had been separated during their time in foster care, longing to be reunited through the adoption process. One couple, having planned on adopting younger children, met these two siblings and instantly knew they were the ones. The long wait in foster care had come to an end.

Although it may have seemed like happily ever after at first sight for the family, there were still challenges and obstacles they faced as they went through this transition. Now, at the ages of 13 and 11, the two children have become exceptional students and are involved in a variety of activities. The children explain that their adoptive parents have changed their lives, making them more motivated, self-confident, and feel more loved than they had before. This family could not imagine life apart. 

Adopting out of the foster care system is one option available to Georgia families. Family law professionals can provide more information concerning this process and other possibilities for adoption. These lawyers have experience with various adoption processes, understand the challenges that may arise throughout the process and can provide assistance. Through adoption, families can provide forever homes to children who would not have one otherwise.

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