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Moving forward in Georgia adoption

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2016 | Adoption |

For anyone looking to adopt a child, now may be the time. During the month of November, adoption awareness is being raised throughout Georgia and across the country. With hundreds of thousands of children in need of a new home, many families are making the choice to take the next step in the adoption process. Those interested in adopting a child in Georgia can see what options are available with the assistance of a family lawyer.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin and his wife decided to adopt, even though they already had three children of their own. When his wife noticed that there were two 6-year-old girls being raised by different extended family members, she knew that these twins needed a home in which they could grow up together. Together this couple determined that adopting these children was the step they needed to take.

In spite of the various business commitments and the fact that they were already raising three children of their own, the Mullins decided that the needs of these girls were more important. The family continues to support and encourage others in their road to adoption by sharing their story and attending events to celebrate the families that children are finding. Adoption not only dramatically changes the lives of adoptive children but each member of the family.

Adoption has a powerful effect on families and those children who finally have a place to call home. Families considering adopting in Georgia have various resources available to them from which they can obtain more information or begin working through the process themselves. Each adoption is as unique as each family, and the joy and love that follow are unlike anything else. Family legal professionals can be an excellent resource to use as one begins looking into this process.

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