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Georgia parents can work together in child custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Family Law |

Divorce can cause some tension between children and their parents, as the home they once knew has now changed. However, a child custody arrangement that places the children’s best interests above all else can ease some of the stress can come with this arrangement. Georgia parents that have or are going through a divorce can seek assistance from a family law lawyer as they work to create an agreement that works best for their situation.

Keeping the children out of any conflict between the two parents is crucial during this transition. Their world has been shaken, so it is important not to make them choose sides. Creating a child custody arrangement that allows the child to spend quality time with both parents can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Communicating respectfully with the other parent can prevent potential conflicts as both parties work to maintain relationships with their children. Choosing one’s battles and determining what is truly important for themselves and in the best interests of the children are key can also ease tension as parents attempt to work together in the midst of their divorce. It also prevents children from having to choose sides or being caught in the middle of disagreements.

There are various child custody arrangements that parents can choose from during the divorce process. If the two parties agree to shared or joint custody, children will be able to spend nearly equal time with each parent. In a primary or sole custody arrangement, on the other hand, one parent has the children for the majority of the time. Georgia parents working on a child custody agreement can seek guidance from family lawyers who have experience in handling these situations.

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