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Step-parent adoption in Georgia can touch hearts

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Adoption |

The holiday season is typically a time of celebration for families. However, many children do not have a home to call their own, and this time can be especially painful. There are many resources available to those parents interested in adopting a child. One possible type of adoption for many Georgia families is a step-parent adoption. 

One young lady has been waiting 17 years to be adopted by her step-mom. This little girl’s mother died when she was 3 months old, leaving her to be raised by her father. About nine years later, her father remarried, giving the then 9-year-old someone to fill that void. Throughout the years, the two have formed a loving and nurturing relationship.

As a result of the bond that this step-mother and step-daughter were able to form, adoption seemed like the logical next step. For Christmas, the now 21-year-old presented her step-mother with a letter and ornament asking her mom if she would adopt her. Although this young lady is now an adult and able to care for herself, this gesture touched the heart of her step-mom and her father.

Adoption at any age can make a significant impact on the lives of those involved. Whether it is through step-parent, international or domestic adoption, this process allows children to have a forever family of their own. Georgia families considering adopting a child can contact a family lawyer about questions concerning this process. These legal professionals can provide guidance and assistance as the family moves through each stage of an adoption.

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