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Thomas Rhett and his wife have decided to pursue adoption

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2017 | Adoption |

Families grow and change in their own unique ways. While many couples choose to have their own biological children, some grow their families through adoption. Others do both, like singer Thomas Rhett and his wife. This process allows children who cannot be with their own biological family to become a part of a new family. In Georgia, family law professionals can assist couples as they research and explore the various adoption opportunities available to them.

One celebrity couple, Thomas Rhett and his wife, decided that they were going to adopt a child from Africa and began the process months before traveling to the continent for a safari. During their trip, however, they found out the unexpected. They were expecting their own biological child.

With the adoption paperwork underway, the couple now hopes that their adoptive child will be able to join the family before this new baby. The couple is excited to form a relationship and bond with the child they are giving a forever home. Now the couple is not solely expecting one child, but two.

Each adoption story is unique, as this couple’s story quite evidently underscores. Regardless of one’s situation or background in Georgia, choosing to adopt may be an option. There are a variety of types of adoption from which families can choose. Family law professionals can assist couples through this process, providing guidance and easing the stress that it may create. These lawyers are closely acquainted with the adoption process and are prepared to answer any questions or concerns that one may have.

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