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Georgia families have resources available to aid in adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2017 | Adoption |

Many families around the world have chosen to grow their families through the process of adoption. However, others who may be interested in adopting a child doubt that they will be able to afford the sometimes long and challenging process. Georgia families that are considering adoption can seek the guidance of family lawyers who have experience in working through this process.

One man has decided to do something about the financial stress associated with the adoption process. As a result of his effort, a crowdsourcing-funding platform was created to assist families with the initial financial burden of adopting a child. One family was able to adopt because of this platform. They signed up, had their profile vetted and sent it out on social media.

Through this platform, strangers, family and friends donated more than $30,000. With the funding, the family was able to adopt a little boy from Haiti and bring him into their family. Many of the people who contributed have also stayed involved with the family and how the boy is adjusting to living with his new family.

This crowdsourcing-funding platform has allowed over 2,000 families to successfully adopt children and welcome them into their families. Whether one wants to adopt domestically or internationally, there are many resources available that can assist with the process. Georgia lawyers in the field of family law have experience in working through adoptions of various types. Their guidance and assistance through the adoption process can ease the stress and make the process go much more smoothly.

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