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Stepparent adoption makes an impact on Georgia families

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Adoption |

There are many forms of adoption that a family may choose to pursue. Stepparent adoption is one way for a child to be a part of a forever family. While this form of adopting a child may be less common, it can still have a major impact. Those with stepchildren in Georgia may want to seek the guidance of a family lawyer as they begin this process.

One stepfather recently experienced the joy that comes from adopting his stepdaughter and being able to call her his own. On his 39th birthday, this man’s 17-year-old stepdaughter presented him with the papers to legally adopt her. Having been the father figure in her life since she was 2 years old, it seemed only natural that they should share the same last name.

This 17-year-old and her stepfather have shared a special bond throughout the majority of her life. He was the one who taught her to fish and bought her a BB gun; they share favorite foods and love to play games together. As an adopted child himself, her father was especially touched that she wanted to make it official.

Adopting a child is a powerful and touching process for everyone involved. Whether one chooses to adopt domestically or internationally, from foster care or as a stepparent, the results are life changing. Stepparents in Georgia have the opportunity to take the next step and officially claim their stepchildren as their own through adoption. To learn more about the process and take the first steps in stepparent adoption, one can reach out to family lawyers who have experience handling this process and can provide guidance along the way.

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