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Changing the life of a child through adoption in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Adoption |

Adopting a child can forever change the lives of all of those involved. While there are many types of adoption, international adoption is one course that families can take to provide a home for a child who does not have one. Those families looking to grow through the process of adopting a child in Georgia may seek to pursue this route.

One couple decided to grow their family by adopting children with special needs from Eastern Europe. Although they already had six biological children, the couple went through the adoption process and brought home two siblings. It was then that the family found out that the little girl they had adopted had another sister in a different orphanage. They had to meet her.

Over spring break, the couple went and met this 3-year-old little girl with dwarfism. She reminded them of her sister, and they developed a bond in the short time they were together. The family has begun the adoption process and hope to bring this little girl into their family this summer. If this happens, she will meet her sister for the first time.

The lives of these three children have been forever changed by this family’s choice to adopt. Georgia families considering adoption can choose to go through the process domestically or internationally. Family lawyers can provide assistance and guidance throughout the process. They can also be helpful in answering questions and handling any concerns that a family may have. Regardless of the length or challenges that may occur, the end result is well worth the wait.

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