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Being prepared for unexpected costs in Georgia divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2017 | Family Law |

Making the decision to obtain a divorce is a big step. It is, however, just the beginning, as all the property division, spousal support and child support talks get started at this point. Those in Georgia who are considering divorce or who are working through the process have several things to consider as they move along. Resources are available that provide information about the various aspects involved, allowing divorcing couples to be prepared.

While many people are aware that the divorce process itself can be rather costly, the other expenses that arise during this time are often forgotten. One possibly large expense that could be overlooked is alimony, or spousal support. Although this may seem old-fashioned, it often comes into play when one party is the primary breadwinner. One’s income, where the couple live and other factors will be taken into account in order to determine whether spousal support is required and, if so, how much it will be. 

Additionally, assets and debts will have to be divided between the parties. A number of both assets and debts are accumulated during the course of a marriage, so dividing these can get a bit challenging. Likewise, separating health, dental and life insurance is another part of this process. It may have been easy and convenient to get on an insurance plan together during the marriage, but all of those will have to be split following the divorce.

Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally draining event. Counselors and the guidance of family lawyers can be highly beneficial during this process. Those in Georgia going through the process of divorce have numerous resources available to them, including the assistance of experienced legal professionals.

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