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Mother’s child custody decision leads to arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Child Custody |

Many Georgia parents who engage in a custody battle are overwhelmed with stress. In certain instances, concerns over the safety of a child can lead a parent to make rash decisions. An example is found in a child custody case in which a mother fled across the country to avoid complying with a court order. That matter has ended with the mother’s arrest, and the child’s return to the custody of his father.

Once a child custody case began, the mother made the decision to leave her home and take her toddler son with her. She traveled to a number of destinations before settling in the Pacific Northwest. Once in place, she was able to secure employment and housing that would allow her to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies.

The case was recently featured on an episode of a television show called “The Hunt with John Walsh.” After the show aired, viewers called in with tips regarding the woman’s location. Law enforcement agents were able to track her down within days. The mother was placed under arrest, and the son was returned to his father.

When she arrived in her new location, the woman sought the services of a shelter dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence. It may be that she was concerned about her child’s safety, which led her to flee. However, her decision directly led to the child’s placement in the care of his father, the very outcome that she sought to avoid. For Georgia residents who are aware of this case, the story serves as a cautionary tale of allowing emotions overwhelm reason during a child custody dispute.

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