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After divorce, take steps toward self-care

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Family Law |

Depending on the circumstances, people may feel like they need a boost at the end of a marriage. The divorce process can potentially be draining, but some people choose to re-invest in themselves as a way to move on in their lives. Individuals in Georgia may find some of the advice from a recent news article on divorce inspiring in their own lives. 

The author of the article is also the author of a book and a divorce attorney from New York. Her experience has led her to draw certain conclusions about how an individual can thrive after finalizing the split. She recommends some practical self-care as well as taking steps to get back out into the world again. 

One of the recommendations includes buying oneself a special post-divorce gift. The present symbolizes a fresh start and could even be a symbol of attaining goals that were not achievable with the previous spouse in tow. The author also recommends to reinvest in one’s career. Sometimes, a reduction in assets accompanies divorce. By renewing your commitment to job training and education, a person may be more likely to boost his or her income and build up any lost savings. 

During a divorce, there are many practical considerations to keep in mind. Part of the whole process is determining how property is split, who will take custody of children and settling any support payments. Many people in Georgia choose to hire a lawyer for help with this part of the process. And after the process is complete, perhaps some people will benefit from applying some of the recommendations detailed above. 

Source: NY Daily News, “How to relaunch your life after a divorce”, Jacqueline Newman, Oct. 10, 2017


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