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Missing kids in child custody case may have been taken to Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Family Law |

An Alabama couple on the run with their four boys ended up in a nearby state recently. It was there that the parents were persuaded by a family member to turn themselves in for interfering with the child custody arrangement of their own children. It is believed that the family may have spent some time in Georgia before finally settling at the home of a family member in another state.

The four siblings had recently been taken from their parents’ home in yet another state by the local Department of Human Resources. The brothers were immediately placed in the care of a grandparent due to the possible occurrence of abuse in their home. However, this arrangement was interrupted when the children’s parents removed them from the grandmother’s home and disappeared just one night after their arrival there.

For more than a week, the FBI, U.S. Marshals and local authorities had been searching for the family. The children had been reported as missing on Dec. 9. After the couple had been located in North Carolina, the children were returned to their home state of Alabama unharmed.

Child custody situations can be difficult to handle and understand, especially when all parties involved may not agree with the decisions made by the court. This couple’s first instinct may have been to take matters into their own hands, due to their disagreement with the court over the custody of their children. In the end, though, they may have realized that a different approach would have been best. Fortunately, it is possible to seek advice from someone with experience in dealing with similar situations in Georgia.

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