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Restraining orders can help keep domestic abuse victims safe

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Family Law |

It is never easy when a marriage ends. Each party thinks he or she has found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, and then life takes an unexpected turn that the marriage cannot survive. The stress of this situation can sometimes lead to physical abuse, causing the victim to resort to civil legal options available here in Georgia, such as restraining orders, for protection.

Restraining orders are called “Family Violence Protection Orders” here in Georgia. They offer a variety of protections based on the situation. Since most protection orders arise out of divorce filings, they not only order an alleged abuser to stay away from the victim, but may include other orders as well. An FVPO can force an alleged abuser to move out of the marital home. It may also prevent harassing or threatening contact via all forms of electronic and telephonic means.

In addition, when a divorce is highly contentious, one party may attempt to destroy or hide marital assets simply to “punish” the other party. An FVPO can help prevent this from happening. In fact, a bank can be enjoined from (knowingly or unknowingly) helping a party hide or deplete marital assets.

When domestic abuse is involved in a marriage, the victim has every right to seek protection. Restraining orders can be obtained to help ensure that protection. If in addition to physical abuse a person is subjected to psychological abuse, the harm done can be insurmountable. In a case such as this, obtaining strong legal counsel could prove beneficial.

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