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Adoption in Georgia just got easier

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2018 | Adoption |

Adopting a child can be the beginning of a wonderful new life for the child and his or her new family. The Georgia legislature just passed a bill that should make adopting a child in Georgia easier. Until now, there were so many barriers to adoption that many couples went out of state to adopt. With the simplification of the law, that may no longer be an issue.

There are many changes and improvements in the new law. The wait times have been reduced, and expecting mothers in private adoptions can be reimbursed for their expenses. Furthermore, middlemen who profited in the past from arranging adoptions have been banned. In the event that a couple does want to adopt out of state, that process has been simplified.

These changes should streamline the process of finding a forever home for children awaiting adoption. When considering adoption, Georgia families may have been discouraged by the hurdles they faced in the past. This should no longer be the case and should be good news for children awaiting adoption, including 13,500 children in foster care.

A couple or family considering adoption could benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. Though the process is clearer, there are still many steps involved. There are forms to be completed, background checks and home visits to be carried out. Adoption can be stressful, but consulting with a Georgia family law attorney may smooth the process and help to reduce the time it takes to bring a new child into one’s family.

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