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Child custody and sports

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents share custody of their children, it would be logical to assume that they share the same concern for their children’s well-being and will make decisions based on the best interests of the children. But what if they disagree in Georgia? What if one parent sees participation in a sport as being too dangerous and the other parent does not share the same concern in a child custody case?

In a recent case, a child wished to play high school football. The father was concerned because the son had already had three concussions and was concerned about the long-term health implications of multiple concussions. The mother contended that the son was old enough to understand the risks and make his own decision.

Sports can play a very important role in children’s lives. Children are learning to work together as a team and achieve joint goals as a team. These skills could be to the child’s benefit later in life. But when a sport is deemed too dangerous by one parent, who should have the say as to whether a child can participate when parents share joint child custody?

With the recent research findings on the effects of concussion, this issue is being faced by more and more parents sharing custody of their children. If a concerned parent cannot come to an agreement with his or her former spouse, he or she might benefit from consulting with a family law attorney experienced in dealing with child custody cases in Georgia. Sports can have a valuable place in children’s lives, but children’s health and well-being should also be considered.

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