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Child custody in 2018 — no more one size fits all

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

Once upon a time, if parents divorced, parents would live in separate places and the children would go back and forth between the two homes according to a pre-arranged schedule. This could cause many stressors in the new family dynamic in Georgia. The stressors could include one parent, usually the mother, getting more time with the children, one parent having more influence on the children, and the children being caught in the middle. Child custody in 2018 can look very different.

While two separate homes may still exist, there are many variations of child custody. Parents may remain living in the home but in separate spaces. They may take turns staying in the house so the children are always in one place while the parents go back and forth. Whatever the arrangement, the welfare of the children is often being considered first.

Other considerations when deciding on child custody arrangements may include the ages of the children and long-term needs. Very young children will have different needs and for a longer period of time than older children. There are many factors to be considered and many options available when trying to establish the best child custody arrangement for a couple that has decided to break up.

When divorce or separation become necessary in a family, the emotional strain on the children can be very hard for them to bear. Arriving at a child custody arrangement that is best for them is the optimal outcome. Having a conversation with an experienced Georgia family law attorney can help ensure the best arrangement for the family’s situation.

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