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Child custody and unmarried parents

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Child Custody |

When a child loses his or her parents the resulting trauma can be devastating to everyone involved. If the deceased couple were married and the parents of the surviving children, child custody of the children will often go to a surviving family member who is able to care for them. But what if the parents were not married and there is another parent in the picture from a previous relationship? Such is the child custody case of a gentleman in Columbus, Georgia.

The couple were in a previous relationship and had a son. The father of the boy has custody. His ex-girlfriend and her current partner died tragically, and she left behind a baby boy. The gentleman from Columbus is suing for custody of the baby in order to keep the two brothers together. He is supported in his suit by the woman’s sister who feels the boys should be kept together, and she recently launched a petition on Facebook in a bid to curry favor with the court.

In this day and age families are not as clearly defined as in the past. While legal bonds may not exist, the love that the family members share may still be as strong as if there were legal bonds in place. How should it be determined what is the best situation for a child in this instance?

A person in Georgia who finds him or herself in such a situation could benefit from a confidential conversation with an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can educate the person as to his or her options in determining the best outcome for the children involved in a tragic child custody case such as the one cited here. It may be in the best interest of all involved to explore all possible avenues to a successful resolution.

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