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Divorce and property settlements are not easy

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Divorce |

Divorce in Georgia can lead to very contentious situations. The more property and assets that are involved, the more antagonistic the situation can become. Such is the case in a prolonged divorce settlement of a high profile couple in Atlanta. Their wedding was a lavish affair in 1995. Two very successful people were getting married and chances are they did not have divorce on their mind.

The wife sued for divorce because of her husband’s admitted involvement with prostitutes. She settled out of court. She received $15,000,000 dollars and an additional $15,000 dollars a month in child support. Before moving out of the home, she removed many items of value that were not part of the agreed settlement. She also vandalized the home that she was leaving.

The case went to court where the judge questioned the wife regarding the missing property. The wife initially pleaded the fifth but then admitted to having removed the items. She said it was in retribution for feeling that she had not been treated fairly.

While not all divorce cases in Georgia involve such large assets, the question of property division will arise. Many couples may feel that they can arrive at a fair and equitable division of property without anyone’s help or advice. However, even amicable divorces can run into problems that may benefit from having a third party involved. An experienced family law attorney can offer advice and guidance to aid in keeping negotiations on track. A knowledgeable lawyer can also serve as a calming presence in what may otherwise become a very combative situation.


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