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The decision to adopt a child in Georgia can be the beginning of a long but rewarding adventure. While most couples are interested in adopting newborns, the number of foster children looking for permanent homes is on the rise. There are advantages to adopting a foster child. One of those is that the cost of the adoption can be less.

A recent story involves a pair of brothers who were living in separate foster homes. The boys were featured on a television show on adoption, and their story caught the attention of a doctor. The boys were initially housed separately in order to allow them to recover from a difficult family situation. As they recovered, they got to see each other once a month but wanted more.

The doctor was moved by their story, and he had already adopted one son. He made arrangements to foster the boys in his home so that they could be together. The new family formed a strong bond and the doctor put the adoption into motion. On the day the adoption was to become final, he surprised his new sons. The boys thought they were going to take pictures.

A couple in Georgia who are considering adoption but may be concerned about the financial cost may want to explore the option of adoption through fostering. A conversation with a family law attorney who is experienced with adoption can answer many questions the couple may have. A knowledgeable attorney can review the couple’s financial situation and advise them on the best path to pursue.


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