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The decision to divorce is seldom arrived at lightly in Georgia. But once the decision is made, there are different options available as to how the final agreement can be reached. In a recent high profile divorce, the couple agreed that spousal support would be determined through mediation. There are three principal processes that a divorce proceeding can follow, mediation, collaborative or the more traditional litigation.

In mediation, a third party is involved in helping the couple work out their settlement. This method can work well for amicable settlements where it’s believed a spousal support agreement can be reached amicably but can also be advantageous in contentious situations. One major advantage in a mediation is that the couple retains significant control of the proceedings. Another option is a collaborative situation where a group of people work together to assist the couple in reaching a final agreement. Both parties and both attorneys are typically present in negotiations and in both of these instances the proceedings remain private.

The third option is the traditional litigation where each party retains his or her own attorney. In this instance most of the communication takes place between the attorneys. This can also become the lengthiest of the three options. In a litigation the proceedings do become part of the public record.

If a person in Georgia is contemplating a divorce, he or she could benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will be familiar with the different procedures and will be able to look at his or her client’s situation and help him or her to determine which process may yield the best possible outcome for his or her client. While divorce is seldom easy, an experienced attorney can help simplify the process.


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