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Divorce can be a difficult and trying time for any Georgia family. When children are involved, the proceedings can be complicated by such issues as child support and child custody. When the parents are high profile people and travel extensively for their jobs, this can further complicate the process and prolong the negotiations. Difficulty in reaching an agreement on child custody can cause delays on other aspects of the divorce, particularly financial settlements.

While not all divorces involve high profile people, the problems faced by people such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not unique to them. Many people travel for their jobs and in some instances may wish to have their children with them. This may add a possible complication to arriving at a mutually agreeable child custody arrangement.

Divorce can be a long and drawn out process. For Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, their divorce proceedings may last longer than their marriage. The main focus, as with many divorces, is on the well-being of their children. In many cases, both parents want to maintain a relationship with their children and achieving this when parents travel can be a challenge.

A person facing a difficult child custody situation with a divorce may benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced family law attorney in Georgia. An attorney who has experience with similar family situations may be able to provide suggestions as to how a solution may be reached. A knowledgeable lawyer can also be a calming presence around an emotionally fraught situation.


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