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When a divorce involves minor children in Georgia, there are many factors to be considered. Not least among these is a child support agreement. Regardless of how parents feel about each other, they typically share a concern for the well-being of their children.

While child support agreements may be reached in good faith, life situations can change that may make it difficult for one party to meet his or her commitment. The Georgia department of Human Services recently received a national award in recognition of its efforts to work with parents who face challenges meeting their support obligations. The program that was put in place is called PAC (Parental Accountability Court), and it aims to reduce the number of parents prosecuted for non-payment and to assist Georgia’s children to get the financial help they need.

The PAC is a jointly administered program that is run by the Division of Child Support Services and superior court judges. The goal of the program is to assist non-custodial parents who are having problems meeting their financial obligations. The program has enabled the payment of $6.6 million in support and has saved the state a large amount in incarceration expenses.

Non-custodial parents in Georgia who face a life change that impacts one’s ability to pay the agreed child support may benefit from this program. A discussion of the details of the program with a knowledgeable family law attorney may help to ease a parent’s mind and give him or her a way forward. Divorce is difficult, but this program has helped more than 6,000 non-custodial parents to overcome one particular hardship.


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