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When a couple decides to divorce in Georgia, the impact of that decision may have a long-term effect on others, particularly if there are children involved. While parents may lose sight of this during a contentious divorce battle, the ramifications on their children could be overwhelming and long-lasting. This is currently the situation playing out in the public eye for the children of Brad and Angelina Jolie-Pitt.

While most divorces do not play out in public, the impact of parental infighting on children is no less painful. While the public may not be witness to a nasty battle, one’s children may be. Attempts to use children as bargaining chips will not help the situation and could cause unnecessary psychological trauma.

A child’s best interests should always come first. When beginning negotiations, it may be best to look at the overall situation and work backward. If a desired endpoint can be envisioned regarding support and custody, it may be possible to work in reverse and determine the best way to arrive at the desired end.

Divorce is not normally an easy or unemotional undertaking. A person in Georgia contemplating a divorce may benefit from a confidential conversation with an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable attorney may have varied experiences with difficult family situations and dynamics, and can apply that experience to potentially help and advise his or her client. Also by virtue of one’s experience, a lawyer may be able to bring a sense of calm and detachment to a very difficult and emotional situation.


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