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You may pursue various damages following a Georgia accident

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A car accident is one of the most frightening events you could experience in life. It can also be infuriating if you learn that the accident was the result of another driver’s negligence.

Fortunately, you can take action in this situation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the allegedly at-fault driver. Here is a look at the many types of damages you can rightfully seek here in Georgia following a car crash that was not your fault.

Pain and suffering

In addition to dealing with the physical pain of your accident-related injuries, you may experience mental and emotional distress as a result of your accident. For instance, perhaps the accident caused you to suffer from stress or anxiety, thus leading the loss of the enjoyment of your life. It is within your rights to seek monetary compensation to address this problem of pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.

Medical costs

A minor crash might lead to some bruises and cuts, but a serious one may result in much more severe injuries — for example, a permanent disability such as paralysis. In addition, you may suffer injuries that do not produce symptoms right away but that will require you to seek medical care later on.

Following a car crash, even if your injuries are not obvious at first, it is a good idea to have a doctor examine you. Fortunately, you can seek compensation for any medical expenses you incur in an effort to be examined or treated. For example, these expenses include the following:

  • Heat pads, crutches and other accessories
  • Permanent disability
  • Ambulance fees
  • Physical therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Health care professional consultations

You can also seek compensation for any in-home service you receive, even if the service is not exactly a medical one.

Employment wages

If your accident is serious enough, it may prevent you from being able to return to work for an extended period. In addition, you may miss work for physical therapy sessions or other medical appointments. In this situation, you can seek compensation to cover your losses.

A monetary damage award in a successfully fought personal injury claim cannot undo the events leading to the accident that caused your injuries and other losses. However, it can help you to experience a sense of justice following the accident and thus more easily move forward from it.


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