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Much is being said about the baby boomer generation in Georgia these days. They’re reaching retirement age in large numbers. They are also contributing to a phenomenon becoming known as gray divorce. This is the trend of older couples to divorce. While divorce among younger couples is decreasing, divorce for those over 50 has doubled since 1990.

Some marriages end because of abuse. Other couples grow apart and this can be a particular problem for empty nesters. If children were the focus, that focus is now gone. Another trigger for gray divorce may be one partner’s retirement. How a couple spends their free time together and how much they enjoy it can have a bearing on the long-term success of a marriage.

Some older couples may strive to find common ground and find their way back to a happy and contented life and some will not. For older people divorcing, there are financial and social issues. Social issues often revolve around friends who are still married trying to fit a newly single person into the mix. The financial issues tend to hit women harder than men. Divorced women over 65 are 80 percent more likely to be living in poverty than divorced men of the same age.

A person considering divorce in Georgia may wish to seek out the counsel of a knowledgeable family law attorney.  An experienced attorney may be able to advise a person concerning financial settlements and other concerns that can arise for an older person considering a divorce. A lawyer can also bring a calming presence to a situation that can be very emotional and overwhelming.


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