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Be aware of personal injury risks at rock concerts

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As summer is winding down in Georgia, you might be scrambling to make plans with friends and family to get in as much socializing as possible. Perhaps there’s a rock concert in your near future; that is, if you were lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out. Going to see a favorite band play is a fun way to spend a summer evening.  

It can also place you at risk for injury, especially if you overlook a few key factors toward personal safety. Then again, you can be alert, aware and prepared and still wind up suffering injury if someone’s negligence places you in harm’s way. That’s why, in addition to staying safe on site at a concert, you also want to know ahead of time, where to seek support if a problem arises.  

Practical ideas to help you stay safe 

Whether you’re a seasoned concert-goer who has piles of scrapbooks featuring all your favorite music stars and, perhaps some autographs or selfie photos backstage, or you’re preparing to attend your first-ever concert on a date or with a group of friends, the following list includes ideas that can help you stay safe

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Know where security guards are at all times. 
  • Before, during and after the show, drink lots of water. 
  • Crowded venues create a lot of body heat. Keep that in mind when you choose what to wear to the show. 
  • While it can be fun to make new friends and socialize at a concert with people you don’t know, be especially careful about accepting any food, drink or medication from strangers. Doing so places you at great risk for injury. 
  • Be careful in the parking lot! Negligent drivers can cause pedestrians and other vehicle occupants, serious injuries. 
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged. Carry a mobile charger if possible, as you might need your phone if an emergency arises.  

Do you have a plan of action in mind as to where to go, what to do and to whom you can turn for help if something happens at a rock concert to cause you concern or worse, to cause you injury? Concert-goers throughout the nation in recent years were devastated by tragedy when violent crimes took place at public events. The good news is that most events do not end that way. 

Less serious situations can still cause major problems

However, even a vehicle accident in a parking lot can cause you moderate to severe injuries that lead to serious medical issues and overwhelming financial strain. Experienced personal injury attorneys often provide the support needed to seek recovery for losses associated with such incidents.  


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