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Choosing a date to get married

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Divorce |

Georgia couples who choose to get married may lean toward a “cutesy” or clever date for the ceremony. However, this might not necessarily be a good idea. In fact, a recent study says that cutesy dates can be quite disastrous when it comes to marriage.

Few people go into marriage considering divorce to be a possibility, but couples who choose to get married on Valentine’s Day should know that this particular wedding date can increase their odds of separating later on. According to one study, 11 percent of couples who marry on Feb. 14 are divorced within five years.

Couples who do choose to marry on Feb. 14 may be more concerned about having a great wedding than developing a fantastic marriage. Should a couple choose to marry on a “special” date, they should be aware that their chances of separating are often higher.

Prior to marriage, it’s important that a couple consider setting up a prenuptial agreement that can protect them should a divorce occur. A prenuptial agreement, which lays the groundwork for a smooth separation, can include detailed information on how assets will be divided and how the divorce will proceed. While no one wants to enter marriage thinking about divorce, a prenuptial agreement is a valuable document that can offer safety and security should the marriage dissolve.

Before a couple heads down the aisle, a family law attorney could help guide them in setting up a prenuptial agreement. An experienced lawyer may be able to offer assistance and guidance in choosing how the marital assets should be separated.


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