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The drug crisis continues to be a dominant story in the news in Georgia and around the country. In addition to the adults and teenagers suffering because of addiction, there is also a large number of babies being born addicted to drugs as a result of a birth mother’s addiction. Some of these babies are getting a second chance thanks to adoption.

One story involves a woman who had the desire to adopt and had planned to adopt with her first husband. He passed away, and she was afraid that the dream had died with him. She later remarried, and the new couple prepared a portfolio to be shown to women looking to give up their babies for adoption.

After being turned down multiple times, the couple were told that a young woman had accepted them and the baby was due in a few weeks. Sadly, the birth mother was a heroin addict, and so the baby was born with an addiction. He was a fighter and only had to be in the hospital for two weeks instead of the projected two months. The couple’s adoption recently became legal, and they have a healthy baby boy.

Making the decision to adopt a baby in Georgia can open up a wonderful future for a family and a child who might not otherwise have one. A couple who is interested in adopting a child may benefit from consulting with a family law attorney. Laws have recently changed in Georgia facilitating the adoption process. A knowledgeable lawyer can acquaint a couple with the process and help to guide them through it in order to fulfill their dream of expanding their family.


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