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Car crashes result when drivers rely too much on safety tech

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2018 | Car Wrecks |

Automobile manufacturers have made great strides in safety technology meant to increase safety for drivers and passengers in Georgia. Blind-spot monitoring systems and automatic emergency brakes can reduce accidents and the severity of injuries, but a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has identified an unintended consequence. A portion of drivers rely too much on automatic sensors or fail to understand that the safety systems have limitations and require a human driver to remain vigilant.

Survey results showed that close to 80 percent of people overestimated a blind-spot monitoring system’s ability to detect pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles advancing at high speed. Roughly one-quarter of respondents said that they did not check their blind spots because they expected the system to do it. Confusion about the difference between forward-collision warnings and automatic emergency braking was reported in 40 percent of drivers.

Adaptive cruise control that uses sensors to determine acceleration and braking also lulled 29 percent of people into a false sense of security. They admitted to doing other things in the car while the system was active. A representative from AAA said that car dealers and manufacturers should make an extra effort to inform consumers about the limitations of safety systems.

Relying too much on automatic vehicle systems could result in a car accident. Car wrecks arising from inattentive drivers could leave people with serious or disabling injuries. A person who wants information about personal injury law could consult an attorney who represents accident victims. An attorney’s efforts during discussions with an insurance adjuster or at a trial might pressure an insurer into paying for medical bills and lost income.


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