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Deciding to have a family, be it through biological means or adoption, is an exciting time in a family’s life in Georgia. Many people decide to adopt after finding out they are unable to have a child because of fertility issues. Others simply choose adoption for personal reasons. Whatever the reason for deciding to adopt, there are some misconceptions that people may have regarding adoption.

One such misconception is that adoptive parents aren’t real parents. Being a parent isn’t exclusively in one’s DNA; it’s being there for someone any time of day or night and loving them unconditionally. The bond that is formed is at the core of a parent and child relationship. Some people are concerned that birth mothers give up their children because they don’t want them or they have problems with drugs or alcohol. The reality is that the most frequent reason a child is put up for adoption is that a mother believes someone else will be in a better position to care for her child; this could be due to a problem with drugs or alcohol, but can also be financial or due to an entirely different reason.

Another major concern can be for closed versus open adoptions. Closed adoptions used to be the norm but open adoptions are becoming more and more common and popular. The advantages to an open adoption are many. A child will have the ability to know one’s birth parents and not forever have questions concerning his or her roots. If a health issue arises, having access to a family health history can be very valuable.

There are many great reasons to adopt a child, and one shouldn’t be held back by misconceptions. A person or family in Georgia who is considering adoption should speak with a family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can explain the adoption process and answer many questions that a prospective adoptive family may have.


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