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When parents divorce or separate in Georgia the impact on children can be devastating. It is widely believed that both parents being involved in their child’s life promotes the best long-term outcome. This can sometimes be difficult to achieve in a contentious divorce situation. While either parent can be impacted, mothers are often the custodial parent and fathers sometimes struggle to maintain a meaningful relationship with a child.

One of the most common problems that fathers encounter is the inability to pay child support, and modifications to child support orders can be made. Judges do understand that economic and employment changes can happen. However, getting child support payments reduced does require a judge. Another issue that can get in the way of the father and child relationship is anger, and one parent’s fear that the other may harm a child. Being angry at one’s ex-spouse can get in the way of maintaining a relationship with a child so discuss issues with one’s ex-spouse on neutral territory without the children being present.

If child support issues, anger issues or other problems are keeping one from seeing one’s children there are approaches that can be taken. If child support payments have become hard to meet, legal action may be needed to reduce the payment. If there is a concern that a parent may be a threat to the children a protection order can be requested.

Divorce in Georgia is challenging on all members of a family. An experienced family lawyer may be able to help facilitate a custody arrangement that meets the needs of the family. Divorce is hard on everyone, but there are steps that can be taken to lessen the impact on one’s children.


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