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How to plan for the holidays after separation or divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Divorce |

Holidays can be a tough time for families in Georgia who are experiencing separation or divorce. Such emotions as sadness, anger and fear can feel overwhelming for parents and their children. However, parents must make an effort to control those emotions and ensure that their children still enjoy the holidays.

This can be difficult, so parents may want to see a therapist or counselor to work through their feelings. Talking to family and friends may also help. Parents should not try to stop their children from seeing the other parent during the holidays. Children should be encouraged to enjoy their time with the other parent. The holidays should not be viewed as a competition.

Anxiety will be lessened for children once they know what the plan is, so parents should share the holiday schedule with them. When a child returns from the other parent’s house, a parent may be tempted to ask questions, but they should only do so in a loving way and should not make the child face a barrage of questions. Parents should also be patient during this time. It will take time for everyone to adjust to the new arrangements.

Holiday plans are sometimes negotiated during the divorce process itself, or a judge may include a schedule for holidays and vacations along with a schedule for child custody and visitation if the parents go to court. It is important for parents to try to approach the child custody arrangements in general in the same way they do holiday plans unless there is a serious issue about the child’s safety with the other parent. This means helping to ensure that the child has ample time with the other parent. Parents may also want to create a parenting plan that addresses any particular concerns they have about co-parenting.


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