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What is Georgia’s Super Speeder Law?

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Life gets pretty hectic for most people. Between work, kids and other obligations, the modern world nearly demands that we get from place to place as fast as possible. Sometimes, that means that you might push that gas pedal just a bit more than usual. Speeding isn’t so bad, right?

Unfortunately, speeding is not just a huge source of accidents – it can make car crashes even worse, with more severe injuries and more extensive property damage. Georgia lawmakers decided to implement legislation to cut down on the amount of speeding drivers on the road. They called it Georgia’s Super Speeder Law. What is it and what does it mean for you if you are facing that kind of charge?

What is the Super Speeder Law?

The Super Speeder Law went into effect in 2010. A Super Speeder is any driver convicted of going 75 mph or higher on a two-lane road or 85 mph or higher anywhere in the rest of the state.

What are the consequences if I’m charged as a Super Speeder?

Anyone convicted of being s Super Speeder gets an additional two-hundred-dollar fine attached to any fee they owe for their speeding conviction. This can be on top of any local fees the driver owes for the same crime. If a driver does not pay the Super Speeder fine, authorities can charge him or her an additional fifty-dollar fee and suspend his or her license and driving privileges.

Why did Georgia create the Super Speeder Law?

The law is meant to crack down on drivers that the state considers high risk. Lawmakers believe that these drivers are putting everyone else they encounter in danger. These Super Speeders allegedly ignore posted speed limits and refuse to slow down. Every day, there is at least one death caused by speeding in Georgia. The state gives the fees collected from this law to trauma units in Georgia’s hospital system. Experts say that about sixty percent of patients in trauma units are there because of car accidents.

Law enforcement says that speed limits exist for a reason and that anyone driving over a posted speed limit is risking the safety of themselves and others. Statistics show that for every ten mile per hour increase over the speed of 50 mph, the impact forces of a crash double. Slowing down can give drivers more time to avoid a car accident or make ones that happen less severe.

Georgia’s law is tough on drivers and may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean that it is always fairly applied. Officers of the law are not infallible and can make an error. If you or someone you care about has been charged by the Super Speeder Law, you have every right to reach out to an attorney to discuss your rights and what defense options are available to you.


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