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Police seize over 3,100 marijuana plants and arrest 16 people

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Drug Crime Defense |

A five-month investigation led by the Gwinnett County Police Department culminated in the issuance of 15 search warrants and the arrest of 16 suspects. Authorities searched homes across three counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area and uncovered an alleged drug trafficking ring that was distributing drugs throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

Searches took place at buildings in Gwinnett, Henry and Clayton counties. Police officers reported finding between 340 and 1,500 marijuana plants at each location along with equipment used to process marijuana. After confiscating over 3,100 marijuana plants, police collected what they described as large amounts of THC oil, THC candy, illegal mushrooms, cocaine, 22 guns and cash in excess of $676,000. Authorities valued the seizures at $35 million.

Criminal charges have been filed against all 16 people taken into custody. Their ages ranged from 26 to 54. Their charges included possession, distribution, and manufacture of marijuana and other controlled substances. Two of the suspects also face weapons charges.

An arrest can be an alarming event, and a person might have difficulty understanding what is happening and what the criminal charges could mean. Seeking out the representation of an attorney could allow a person to gain clear answers about charges and what penalties could result from conviction. An attorney could also assess the evidence and provide advice about how a person should enter a plea. This process could allow an attorney to develop a drug crime defense and protect the person from an overzealous prosecutor.

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