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Georgia election marred by accusation of spousal spat

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Divorce |

Have you ever noticed that people tell you to remain calm at all the wrong times? Sometimes, a request to smooth a mood is all we need to unleash on someone. However, if you’re going through a divorce or even an argument with a spouse, you should actually remain calm no matter who tells you it’s a good idea.

Emotions are always involved in divorces and separation, and many of them are hard to contain. But you always have a lot of reasons to not let them control you. If you have children, there’s a big one right there. Children thrive in calm environments and tend to mirror their parents’ adult traits. How do we expect kids to be calm when their parents cannot be?

Another reason is to protect your image. A Georgia man running for political office is seeing his chances hobbled by accusations that he ran over his wife’s foot with his car during a fight. Atlanta police officers declined to arrest him, saying there was a lack of evidence that the assault occurred. But the story has already complicated his efforts to represent Georgia in Washington.

The fight, however, was apparently real and involved child custody arrangements in their impending divorce. If parents have opposing views about these things, debate must be civil and constructive for family courts and other authorities to lend them credence.

An attorney is often the best person to speak for people in the middle of a divorce. Legal representation gives a clear voice to issues that are often too wrapped up in personal history and feelings to be clear.


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