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Tips for dealing with the workplace during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Divorce |

People in Georgia who are going through a divorce might be concerned about how the divorce could affect them at work. Divorce can be an extremely stressful experience, but losing a job can make it an even more difficult time.

In some workplaces, it might be worthwhile to talk to a supervisor or coworkers about the divorce. However, people should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. Some workplaces might be very competitive, and some colleagues and managers might not be receptive to such a disclosure. People should avoid the temptation to become a workaholic. It can be easy to fall into this because it can be a distraction from the stress of the divorce, but it is ultimately a destructive way of coping just like any other addiction would be.

Another important element of dealing with the divorce is forgiveness and understanding. Rather than blaming and resenting the spouse, people should look at their own role in the marriage’s end. They also need to forgive both themselves and their spouse.

People who are able to set aside these strong emotions may have a less difficult time in divorce negotiations than those who cannot. Some people might be angry and create roadblocks to reaching resolutions on property division and child custody while others might feel guilty about the divorce and agree to a division of property that is not advantageous. It can be important for people to protect their financial security at this time no matter how they feel about the divorce, so making a plan ahead of time with an attorney in a calmer environment before going into negotiations can be helpful. Child custody can be a particularly difficult issue, but parents should not use their children against one another. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the couple can go to litigation.


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