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4 killed, 2 injured in head-on car accident in Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Car Wrecks |

Once a driver loses control of a vehicle and crosses into oncoming traffic, disaster could strike at virtually any moment. A similar incident may leave all drivers nearby with little time to react to the situation and steer out of harm’s way. A recent car accident involving similar circumstances in Georgia has reportedly claimed the lives of four individuals and left two others with serious injuries.

According to reports, the incident is said to have taken place on a recent Wednesday just after midnight. For reasons still unknown, the driver of a truck suddenly lost control and swerved into the oncoming lanes of traffic. Authorities advised that the truck proceeded to collide head-on with an oncoming car soon thereafter.

Authorities assert that up to four individuals were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Two others suffered severe injuries in the process, one of whom was airlifted to a medical facility for treatment. While it remains unclear what might have caused the driver of the truck to lose control and veer into the opposite lane, authorities have advised that the investigation into the incident remains underway.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries in a car accident may experience a variety of hardships in life and losing a loved one in a similar fashion can be a difficult thing to accept. Following a crash, the victim or surviving loved ones of the deceased could choose to seek insight on their available legal avenues by obtaining legal counsel. An attorney can help a client in Georgia better understand what to expect from the process and assist in seeking the restitution deserved through a claim against the party deemed responsible.


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