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Investigation leaves 2 facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Drug Crime Defense |

Being the subject of an investigation into the possible presence of drug activity can be intimidating and such matters could remain ongoing for weeks or even months at a time. Merely facing allegations of such offenses could disrupt a person’s life and those who face such a scenario might not know how best to handle the process. A couple in Georgia could be in search of guidance after a recent investigation has left them facing drug charges.

Reports indicate that the incident stems from a recent five-month long investigation into the possible presence of drug activity. While many of the details pertaining to this investigation remain unclear, authorities claim that it eventually led to the arrests of two individuals during a recent traffic stop. It is unclear what led to the traffic stop or what prompted a subsequent search of the vehicle involved.

During the search, police claim to have uncovered the presence of more than 50 grams of heroin. They also assert that they learned the couple were returning from a trip to a neighboring city where they allegedly obtained the heroin. The person who was driving the vehicle stands accused of driving while under the influence and both face charges for drug trafficking.

When facing drug charges, the average person might not be fully aware of his or her legal rights or how best to respond to the allegations. Fortunately, those who encounter similar circumstances do not necessarily have to face the process alone and there are attorneys who can provide a person with advice in making informed decisions about their situation. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client in Georgia is facing and help develop a strategy to seek the best outcome achievable concerning his or her future during subsequent court proceedings.


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