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1 killed in motorcycle-related car accident in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Car Wrecks |

It is no secret that motorcycles do not provide the same level of protective barriers to shield a person from harm as those afforded by other types of motor vehicles. As such, motorcycle riders may be at greater risk of suffering serious or fatal harm should a collision occur. A recent car accident involving a motorcycle and a work truck in Georgia has reportedly claimed the life of a 29-year-old man.

According to reports, authorities responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Wednesday. Initial investigations suggest it took place as a man was traveling on his motorcycle when the driver of a nearby work truck attempted to make a left-hand turn. The truck proceeded to turn directly into his path and the two vehicles collided soon thereafter.

Authorities advised that the rider of the bike died at the scene of the crash. They also state that the driver of the truck is facing multiple charges in relation to the incident, including vehicular homicide and failure to yield. Left-turn collisions remain a major issue for motorcycle riders and those who encounter similar forms of negligence may be left with little to no chance of steering out of the path of danger.

A motorcycle-related car accident can have disastrous ramifications and losing someone close under similar circumstances may never be easy to accept. Those who suffer such loss due to the actions of another party may wish to exercise their right to seek restitution accordingly but navigating the civil justice system can be a challenging process. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Georgia who can examine the incident and assist a client in seeking the full amount of compensation entitled through a wrongful death claim.


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