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Reports of suspicious activity leave 3 facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When law enforcement agents receive complaints about the presence of unlawful activity, they have a duty to further investigate the matter. Being the subject of such an investigation can be intimidating enough as is, and those who stand accused of unlawful behavior following a similar situation might not always know how best to respond. Three individuals in Georgia may be in search of guidance after a recent complaint led to an investigation that left them facing numerous drug charges. 

Recent investigation 

Recent reports indicate that the investigation began when authorities received reports of the possible presence of drug activity at a local residence. While it appears that authorities proceeded to search the residence in question, many of the details as to how the process unfolded remain unclear. During the search, they claim to have uncovered the presence of various types and amounts of illegal substances, allegedly including methamphetamine and marijuana. 

According to reports, up to three individuals were arrested in connection with the investigation. Each person has been arrested and is reportedly facing numerous charges, ranging from drug possession to possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking. Authorities also assert that further charges could be filed pending completion of the investigation. 

What comes next 

Individuals who face drug charges under similar circumstances could benefit from consulting with an attorney as soon as possible for guidance on their options. An attorney in Georgia can help a client better understand his or her legal rights and options and provide advice on what to expect from the process. An attorney can also evaluate the circumstances surrounding the search and arrest procedures, along with the charges and evidence against a client, and assist in developing a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings. 


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