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When faced with a legal predicament, you undoubtedly want to handle the situation in the best way possible. As someone who may not have a working knowledge of the law when it comes to civil litigation, family law matters, defending against criminal charges or seeing a loved one’s estate through probate, you understandably want someone on your side who can effectively handle the matter on your behalf.

At Harrison & Medlin, P.C., we have experience in these legal areas and can assist you with your situation from start to finish. As your hometown lawyers here in Evans, Georgia, we want you to feel as if you are in capable hands.

Areas of law can overlap

You may not immediately think that having an attorney with experience in multiple areas of law is important. However, it is not unusual for multiple areas of the law to overlap. For instance, if you have had criminal charges brought against you that could affect your child custody arrangement, having legal counsel who understands both criminal defense and family law matters could make a difference in your case.

Even if legal matters do not overlap in a single case, you may find yourself needing representation for a personal injury matter at one point, and later, you may need help seeing a loved one’s estate through probate. Knowing that you could reach out to a trusted law firm you have worked with previously may bring a sense of relief to an already stressful situation.

Having a reference for the future

Knowing where to turn for help can take much of the guesswork out of a serious legal ordeal. It could also help you address time-sensitive matters more quickly because you do not have to search for the right legal counsel. As a result, you could better ensure that you have the necessary time to work toward the best outcome possible for your particular scenario.

When questions arise, you likely want to gain information from trusted and reliable resources. Fortunately, turning to your hometown legal team could allow you to know that you have an advocate on your side who has experience, knowledge and resources relating to your case. When handling a stressful situation, you certainly want assistance from someone who is compassionate and solutions-oriented and who wants to see you get the most favorable result possible for your case.


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