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Investigation leaves business owner facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Being accused of involvement in unlawful behavior can be a stressful experience under any scenario. Even if a conviction is not obtained, allegations alone may be enough to diminish one’s reputation within the community and such concerns could have a lasting impact on various aspects of one’s life. Reports indicate that a business owner in Georgia is reportedly facing several drug charges after reports of the presence of unlawful behavior led to a search of the property.

Trafficking charges

According to reports, authorities say the incident began after they claim to have received information about the possible presence of drug activity at a local business. While many of the details surrounding this investigation remain unclear, it reportedly culminated in the search of the property. This search allegedly led to the uncovering of more than 20 pounds of marijuana, along with numerous candles that are said to have been laced with THC.

Authorities have advised that the owner of the business was taken into custody soon thereafter. Reports indicate that he stands accused of drug trafficking and faces numerous charges following the incident. A conviction for similar charges carries serious penalties that could have a lingering effect on one’s life, such as the possibility of a lengthy prison term and significant financial fines.

Seeking guidance

Individuals who face drug charges and remain uncertain of how best to approach the situation could consider seeking guidance from an attorney prior to responding to allegations. An attorney in Georgia can examine the charges and evidence against a client and provide insight on all his or her available options. If a conviction is unavoidable, an attorney can work toward helping a client prepare a strategy with which to pursue a lesser sentence during subsequent court proceedings.


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