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Is it always appropriate to sue after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Car Wrecks |

Georgia drivers know that the roads are often less than ideal. With intense traffic jams around cities during commutes and the typical less-than-stellar driver on the road in more rural areas, the possibility of an accident is always present. Unfortunately, you may not always have the ability to avoid a collision.

If you find yourself involved in a crash due to the reckless or negligent actions of another driver, you will likely have many questions on your mind. Your first concern will likely revolve around your injuries and how they will be treated. In the event that you suffer serious injuries, you may have questions about your recovery, how time off work will affect your finances and whether you will have to pay for damages out of pocket. You may even wonder whether you should sue the driver considered at fault.

Should you file a personal injury claim?

You may have heard about people filing lawsuits after car accidents before or perhaps even know someone personally who has taken this route. While the outcomes may have been beneficial for that person, it is important to keep in mind that legal action does not suit every vehicle collision. For example, if the damages were minimal or the insurance company provides an appropriate payout, suing may not be in your interests.

Times when considering your legal options more closely may be prudent include the following scenarios:

  • You filed a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, but the offered payout was particularly low.
  • You filed a claim, but the insurance company denied the claim and does not intend to pay anything to cover the damages you suffered.
  • You attempted to negotiate with the insurance company over the amount offered, but the company refused to negotiate.

If you believe that filing a lawsuit may be necessary, you could file the claim against the other driver. If your case proves successful, that driver’s insurance provider will likely handle the paying of the settlement.

Each case is different

Even if you feel confident that you have reason to pursue additional compensation after a car accident, it is wise to gain information on legal options and thoroughly assess the details of your ordeal. In some cases, pursuing a personal injury claim could allow injured parties to obtain the much-needed compensation they need to cover extensive medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.


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