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2 killed in multiple-vehicle crash involving school bus

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2022 | Car Wrecks |

Two individuals were killed and several others suffered injuries during a recent collision in Georgia that took place after a driver entered oncoming lanes while attempting to pass a school bus. Drivers who attempt such dangerous maneuvers run the unfortunate risk of creating a dangerous scenario that may leave others nearby scrambling to steer clear of harm’s way. Car accidents involving similar situations could place the lives of those involved at risk and leave family members who lose loved ones in the process in search of answers. 

Recent crash 

Reports indicate that law enforcement agents arrived at the scene of the collision on a recent Friday morning. An investigation into the incident indicates that it took place when the driver of an eastbound car crossed into the opposite lane of traffic while attempting to pass a school bus. The car collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle, prompting a chain reaction crash involving up to four vehicles altogether, one of which was the school bus. 

Authorities have advised that although there were several kids who suffered injuries in the crash, their injuries were said to be minor. However, the crash claimed the lives of two others, one of whom was reportedly a local teacher. Authorities have advised that the investigation remains underway and that charges may be filed upon its completion. 

Death of a loved one 

Car accidents involving similar scenarios can have catastrophic repercussions that could leave surviving family members facing various hardships in life. Along with the emotion toll involved, the untimely loss of a loved one could also prompt financial challenges stemming from issues such as end-of-life expenses and loss of income. After such a loss, a person in Georgia could choose to consult with legal counsel for advice on his or her available legal options and guidance in preparing to seek the restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim. 


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