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Fatal crash leads to DUI charges for Georgia man

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Dui Defense |

Being involved in a fatal collision can be a harrowing experience and memories of the event may follow a person for the rest of life. While this may be difficult enough to handle as is, should allegations of unlawful behavior arise, the process may become even more challenging. Reports indicate that a man in Georgia is facing DUI charges following a recent multiple-vehicle collision that is said to have claimed the life of a motorcycle rider.

Multiple-vehicle crash

Reports indicate that the crash took place on a recent Saturday evening as the man was traveling north on a rural Georgia road. Authorities say the incident began when he suddenly crossed into and began driving in north in southbound lanes. Initial investigations indicate his truck crashed into the rear of a nearby vehicle before crashing nearly head-on with an oncoming motorcycle.

Authorities say that the impact of the secondary crash forced the rider to be ejected and to land on the shoulder of the road, while the bike came to a rest underneath the truck. Authorities say the rider was pronounced dead at the scene. While few details were provided regarding how they came to suspect the presence of impairment, reports indicate that the driver of the truck was arrested and is facing numerous charges in relation to the crash.

Facing dui charges after a fatal crash

Facing DUI charges stemming from a fatal accident can be a daunting process and the average person might not have the necessary legal experience to know how best to handle the situation. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a person in Georgia is facing and provide insight in making informed decisions about his or her options. An attorney can work toward protecting a client’s legal rights and assist in preparing to seek the most favorable outcome possible concerning his or her future during court proceedings given the circumstances.


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