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Possible challenges of living with chronic pain

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Car Wrecks |

In some cases, the injuries one suffers in a collision may heal with time, and there may even be certain treatment paths that might help speed up the healing process. However, some types of injuries may lead to issues with chronic pain that could have a lingering impact on one’s life. Individuals in Georgia who struggle with chronic pain stemming from a car accident may encounter a variety of challenges and similar health concerns could also increase one’s risk of developing future health concerns.

The effects

Studies indicate that those who live with chronic pain may struggle with a variety of health concerns. Dealing with constant pain can take a significant toll on one’s mental health and may only increase one’s risk of struggling with issues such as anxiety and depression. Those who suffer from chronic pain may also struggle with lack of self-confidence and may find it difficult to take part in social activities.

According to studies, those who live with chronic pain may also experience certain cognitive disruptions, as constant pain can affect one’s concentration or even lead to issues with impaired memory. Similar health issues could also increase one’s risk of struggling with deconditioning, as those who suffer from constant pain may live in fear that physical activity may only make things worse. Studies also indicate that issues with chronic pain could affect one’s cardiovascular health and lead to increased risk of issues with high blood pressure.

The future

Individuals who struggle with chronic pain after a major car accident may encounter numerous trials in life. Should the accident stem from the negligent decisions of another driver, those who suffer serious or permanent harm in the process may be left with questions about all their available options for legal recourse. Following the incident, a person in Georgia could consider speaking with a personal injury attorney for advice on his or her options and assistance in navigating every stage of the subsequent process.


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