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Child custody and the topic of holiday visitation schedules

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

After choosing to take separate paths in life, parents may wish to know more about every vital aspect to address to help them prepare to safeguard the needs and interests of their kids. Child custody can be one of the toughest aspects of family law and it might not always be easy to cover everything. One topic that it might be helpful to address could pertain to discussing plans for the holiday season and including similar topics in visitation discussions may help mitigate conflict and promote a healthier co-parenting situation. 

Including holiday plans in discussions on visitation schedules may help improve communication and reduce the likelihood of conflict and some ways to help achieve such a goal might include: 

  • Important dates:  It might not be uncommon for some individuals to consider certain holidays to be more important than others and discussing wishes and preferences may help limit conflict and confusion. 
  • Early planning:  Unexpected changes in schedules may only increase the risks of conflict and discussing holiday plans early on may help promote cooperation and improve communication. 
  • Be flexible:  It might not always be possible to tell what the future will hold and being flexible and understanding may also help cultivate a positive co-parenting atmosphere and protect the interests of the kids. 

Understanding that the kids might wish to have ample access to both parents during this season could help one better prepare to compromise and create a schedule that reflects the interests and needs of everyone involved. 

With including holiday plans in child custody discussions can be helpful in numerous ways, it may also be a complex process. Parents in Georgia who face a similar situation and wish to know more about every essential topic to consider might benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance in navigating the process. A family law attorney can provide a client with insight into making informed decisions about his or her options and assist in pursuing a child custody agreement that aligns with the interest and needs of the children. 


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