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Evaluating some of the most common forms of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Car Wrecks |

Most drivers may be aware that anything that takes their focus off the task at hand while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle can be dangerous by nature. However, this knowledge might not always be enough to deter some drivers in Georgia from succumbing to distraction. Distracted driving continues to be a contributing factor in many car accidents and while sources of distraction can take on various forms, some continue to be more common than others. 

Common concerns 

Results from a recent study indicate that nearly 40% of those who took part in a survey claimed that texting was the most common cause of inattention among drivers. This study also shows that drivers may be at greater risk of losing focus when interacting with a vehicle’s navigation system. Passenger interactions and eating while driving are two more examples of issues that continue to contribute to the hazards of distracted driving. 

The study also states that many drivers may also lose focus while attempting to check on social media accounts while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. While talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device continues to be a concern, studies also indicate that one may still be at risk of succumbing to distraction even with hands-free tools. One of the most troubling aspects of the study pertains to the notion that while those who took part in the survey admitted to understanding the risks, more than 20% also admitted to carrying out similar behaviors while driving. 

The risks 

Distracted driving continues to play a significant role in many car accidents and those who exhibit such behavior may run a greater risk of placing the health of everyone nearby in harm’s way. Individuals in Georgia who cross paths with a distracted driver might not always find it possible to detect a potential hazard in time to evade danger, and they could be the ones left suffering the ramifications. Those who suffer serious harm or sudden loss due to the actions of another driver and wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution in civil court may benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance in preparing to navigate the process. 


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